Introduction to Textiles Intelligence

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The following post is sponsored by Textiles Intelligence.

This is a quick introduction to Textiles Intelligence. We specialise in publishing research-based business information on the global textile and apparel industries. Can you access them via your library yet? Here’s a link to our website:

The reports are used by senior executives in the industry to support their strategic planning decisions, by international trade organisations to write policy, and by fashion students who need to understand the commercial context of their subject. You’ll find lots of information about key companies and their activities, product developments and innovations by sector, international marketing and sourcing strategies, supply chain management issues, international trade and production trends, European yarn and fabric fairs, and much more.

Don’t forget to use the reports when you start thinking about applying to companies for employment. We’ve probably written about them – so go to your interview prepared!

The publications are available via subscription – in printed and electronic format. We offer multi-user licences for libraries. The titles relating to apparel include:

Textile Outlook International;

Global Apparel Markets; and

Performance Apparel Markets.

Contact Belinda Carp ( if you’d like to know more.



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