Fashion, Textile, & Costume Special Interest Group Meeting – ARLIS-NA 2016 Annual Conference

ARLIS/NA Conference 2016
Fashion, Textile, & Costume Special Interest Group Meeting
The Westin Seattle, Seattle, WA; 10 March 2016; 3:30-4:30 pm

Moderator, Carla-Mae Crookendale, presiding


  • 20 in attendance

Old Business

  • ARLIS-NA/Librarian Wardrobe Survey Discussion:
    • See the survey results on the FTC SIG blog:
    • Questions and Comments:
      • Will this be an ongoing partnership?
        • We believe so.
      • Someone said that they used Librarian Wardrobe in their Library school class and really appreciated the LW blog.
      • Someone stated that they believed that the LW blog breaks down expectations and stereotypes of librarians.
      • Everyone seemed to like the questions that we were asking in addition to the person’s name, title, and institution.
        • Someone suggested that we also ask ‘how would you describe your personal style?’
        • Someone also suggested that the form clarifies that the questions are optional.
      • Possibilities for future SIG opportunities:
        • Continue to add new and existing resources to the blog so that all SIG members can continue to add new resources to their repertoire.
        • Add more connections to special collections and costume cataloging and management.
        • Add costume thesauri to the FTC SIG Research Guide.
        • More posts on the following topics: how fashion relates to big data, scholarly research focused on menswear, relationship between fashion and medicine.
        • Propose a panel for 2017 ARLIS-NA Conference in New Orleans.
        • Propose a fashion workshop for either the 2017 or 2018 annual conference.
        • Add job listings to the blog if you become aware of any jobs related to fashion, textiles, or costumes.
        • Clothing swap was suggested. We would need to figure out logistics as most people try to pack as little as possible when coming to the annual conference.

New Business

  • Bloomsbury – Kimberly Petit:
    • Berg Fashion Library:
      • Program will be transferred to new platform this summer.
      • New Updates to the database:
        • Addition of exhibitions
        • New timeline feature
        • New partnerships.
      • For up-to-date news on BFL: request to be on the email list.
    • Fashion Photography Archive:
      • This will live under Fashion Central.
      • Curated by Valerie Steele.
      • Will provide timelines and lesson plans.
      • A soft launch is slated for summer 2016.
    • Cultural History of Fashion:
      • The second edition of this textbook will be released at the end of 2016.
    • Interior Design/Architecture:
    • University of Fashion:
      • Several SIG members’ institutions subscribe to the database.
        • Were pleased with the database, but suggested a possible name change.
      • It’s an online website of sewing tutorials.
      • Provides users practical skills.
  • ProQuest – Suzanne Bokern:
  • Textile Hive – Caleb Sayan:
    • It’s a textile archive based on textiles that his mother, Andrea Aranow, has collected throughout the years.
    • It contains over 40,000 textiles from 50 countries. Dates from early 1900s-curent day.
    • Headquarters based in Portland, OR.
  • Textile Museum Journal – Lynora Williams:
    • The journal has been revived and will be looking for article proposals shortly.
      • This will be listed on the FTC SIG blog in the near future.
  • Fashion: Now & Then Conference – Nicole LaMoreaux:
    • The conference will be held Thursday, October 20 – Saturday, October 22, 2016 at LIM College in New York City.
    • The theme is Fashion as Art.
    • Call for presentations and artwork will go out early April and are due early June.
    • Suggestion: conference proceedings be published.

Call for Vice Moderator

  • Discussion of what the role is.
    • Collaborate
    • Manage Blog
    • Assist with new programs for the SIG
  • Lauren Gavin, Technical Services & Reference Librarian from LIM College, volunteered. Everyone voted and agreed that she would be the vice moderator for the 2016-2017 year.

Call for recommendations for FTC-related tours & museums for ARLIS 2017 (Blog post to follow.)

Open to general questions

Close of Meeting 4:30

Trip to the Henry Art Gallery

Minutes submitted by Nicole LaMoreaux


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