Webinar Poll: Textile Hive Demonstration

Good afternoon all!

We would like to take a quick poll to see which day/time works best for the FTC SIG members for an upcoming webinar focused on the database, Textile Hive. Please leave your preference in the comments section below.

May 2nd: 3:30 – 6p.m. EST

May 3rd: 3:30 – 6p.m. EST

May 4th: 12:30 – 4:30p.m. EST

*Update: The webinar should take about an hour. These are the times that we have available to us.

Thank you,

Nicole & Lauren

3 thoughts on “Webinar Poll: Textile Hive Demonstration

  1. I’m definitely interested, but are the times correct? (Will the webinar last two and a half hours on the first two days, and four hours on the last day?) Tuesday, 5/3/16, is best for me. Thanks for organizing this!

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