Exhibition: Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking


MELISSA + ZAHA HADID BOOT, Zaha Hadid (Iraqi, 1950-2016) Melissa (Brazil, 1979–), Created: 2008, Materials: Melflex (TM)

What: Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking

Where: Mint Museum UPTOWN, Charlotte NC

When: May 7 2016-Jul 31 2016

“Pumped: The Art & Craft of Shoemaking includes a vast array of diverse and unique shoes from the past to the present – all from the Mint’s permanent collection . The show explores both the cultural history and the meticulous craft of shoemaking.

Shoe designs from around the world, and throughout the centuries, are celebrated and explored. Platforms, in particular, are prominently featured as fashion statements worn by both sexes. Top couture designers have created platform shoes that are unique and move – sometimes with caution to the wearer – from the fashion runway to the streets.

Pumped also includes other distinctive shoe forms that are notable for their design and construction. Venerable traditions such as leather-working are joined by the latest materials and technologies, including 3-D printing, to create shoes that are in essence wearable sculptures.”


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