Consider Coursera for a Fashion Industry Online Course

As an ARLIS/NA Retired Member currently serving on its Membership Committee, I’ve had a lifelong interest in the fashion and luxury industries. Recently, I discovered that Coursera an educational technology company which offers MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) from almost 150 global university partners had a course dealing with my area of interest.

It may also be of interest to FTC SIG Members working with students in fashion design and merchandising programs as well as ARLIS/NA museum members in this field. It can serve as an introduction to the topic or a refresher of major fashion and luxury concepts, companies, branding, consumer behavior, business models and strategies, and communication channels including digital media.

The course, Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies from the  Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy is delivered in English. It is taught by two excellent instructors, Erica Corbellini and Stefania Saviolo who are also published authors in the field. Through their use of video lectures and student and expert interviews with accompanying transcripts, Pinterest boards, and slide stacks, the instructors explore the many dimensions of the international fashion and luxury world, past, present and future.

The course can be taken for free or for a minimal fee to receive a certificate of completion.Its syllabus can be viewed online.


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