New Books: Bloomsbury 2020

We haven’t had a new books post in a while, so here are some that are on my if-they-ever-let-me-buy-books-again list, all from Bloomsbury.

A Guide to Changing Men’s Fashion from the 17th to the 20th Century

By: Lydia Edwards

book cover: a manikin in an 18th c suit surrounded by questions.
I want this as a companion to How to Read a Dress, which impressed me.

Fashion, Dress and Post-postmodernism

Editor(s): José Blanco F., Andrew Reilly

book cover: woman in white dress on white background.
This is a topic that fashion and gender studies both would be interested in.

Reading Fashion in Art

By: Ingrid E. Mida

book cover: a group of elaborately dressed women of the 19th C in brightly colored hooped dresses sit ina circle and talk.
Some cross-over here for both art and theater costume students.

Costing for the Fashion Industry

By: Nathalie Evans, Michael Jeffrey, Susan Craig

book cover: all pink. A "price tag" with book title and twine tie.
I’ve had a hard time finding books that cover costing garments, and it is part of an assignment given every semester.

Busks, Basques and Brush-Braid: British dressmaking in the 18th and 19th centuries

By: Pam Inder

book cover: the cuff of an 18th C green silk gown cut in scallops from a fitted sleeve.
This one’s for me: 18th c costume details love love.

Communicating Fashion: Clothing, Culture, and Media

By: Myles Ethan Lascity

book cover: a woman takes pictures from the front row a fashion show; a red-ruffled garment floats past.
The intersection between communication, fashion, and culture is of growing interest to the students I work with.

Fashion, History, Museums: Inventing the Display of Dress

By: Julia Petro

book cover: dresses on display with a grid of white lines in a black rrom.
We have a fledgling museum program, but they don’t talk much about mounting fashion exhibits. Maybe they should.

Author: Sherri B. Saines

Reference Librarian Ohio University Athens, Ohio

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