ARLIS/UK conference website live…

Hi everyone,

It was amazing to see some of you at ARLIS/NA last month, and I’m so hoping I’ll see some of you again if you decide to come over for the ARLIS/UK conference in London this summer…

It’s on Thursday 26 – Friday 27 July, although we’ll be having a fancy evening reception on Wednesday 25 to welcome everyone too. Our website is now live, so bookings are open! Have a look and feel free to contact me if you have further questions about venues/programme etc (please note for now the programme is provisional although it’s shaping up to be a great one). 

Could someone who is able please re-post this to the main ARLIS/NA email list? Unless anyone beats you to it.

Thanks all,

Alexandra Duncan

Assistant Academic Support Librarian

Fashion // Textiles // Material Futures

Central Saint Martins


Co-Editor of ARLISmatters, the UK art libraries and archives blog

Harajuku is dead…

Hi all,

Just thought you’d be interested in this blog piece about the (birth and) death of Japan’s incredible Harajuku street style and the corresponding end of the magazine FRUiTS:


It was great to meet some of you at the conference by the way, I look forward to more links and collaborations in the future!



Information literacy threshold concepts for fashion students…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well and happy new year!

I’ve been awarded a Kress fellowship so I’ll be attending the ARLIS/NA conference in February, it’ll be great to meet some of you in person for the first time!

My proposal was based around wanting to collaborate with one or more librarians connected to ARLIS/NA on some sort of project linked to research behaviours/threshold concepts for fashion students (which may just be the same as art and design students generally, which is also fine in that case). Ultimately I’d like to get some information literacy threshold concepts devised that could be used to help plan information literacy sessions for fashion students.

So, is this something one or more of you would be interested in talking to me about whilst attending the conference? I’d like to talk about what is specific to fashion (or if less specific- art and design) students when it comes to their research and which concepts we feel they specifically struggle with in relation to information literacy. I think this could be a really interesting international collaboration, and wouldn’t be too onerous, but could result in an interesting research output.

Do let me know if you’re interested and we can arrange an informal discussion.

Many thanks and see some of you soon!



ARLISmatters: new ARLIS/UK & Ireland blog

Hi all,

We’ve been hard at work designing a new blog for ARLIS/UK & Ireland, and it has launched at last! To give you a bit of background, we used to publish a bi-monthly current awareness bulletin in hard-copy called the News-sheet. For a variety of reasons we decided we wanted to explore a new digital format so decided to build a blog to continue the publication in a new format.

The new blog, ARLISmatters, contains a lot of the same previous content (news, events, print and online resources, artists’ books exhibitions and news etc) as well as some exciting new features, like a jobs page and bi-monthly “In conversation with…” piece.

The link to the new site:

We want as many people to engage with this as possible, so welcome readers and comments from around the world! If you do also have content you’d like to submit (which we would love to receive) the email address for feedback/submissions is

Thanks all,

Alex Duncan

Proposed job exchange

Hi everyone,

For those of you that don’t know me (as I haven’t posted on here for a little while), I work as the subject librarian responsible for the fashion and textiles courses and collections at Central Saint Martins ( At the moment I’m putting the feelers out to see if any librarians with vaguely similar jobs in the US would be interested in a job exchange. It’s been a few years since something like this has happened (for understandable reasons) but I think there’s a real precedent for it. Apart from the obvious benefits of knowledge sharing and new experiences it would be a great way to strengthen links between ARLIS/NA and ARLIS/UK (I am an active member of ARLIS/UK) and to promote the idea of an international community of art librarians.

As a subject librarian I manage and spend the budgets for the fashion and textiles collections, and deliver occasional information literacy sessions to students (more often in the Autumn term but any kind of exchange would need to take place from Spring term onwards), and attend course/department meetings with academics and students. I also have a functional role in collection development, so I oversee and take part in various collections projects (including working with the special collections here). Aside from the college’s international reputation, particularly within fashion education but across many subject areas within art education, there are many things that make working here amazing; not least my wonderful library colleagues! Here’s a link to a Q&A online where I give a few more details about working at CSM Library:—assistant-academic-support-librarian/

I’m particularly interested in schools in San Francisco and New York, given their reputation for fashion/arts education, but very much open to discussion so please contact me if you’re interested, wherever you’re based in the US. I would like it to be at least a six month exchange (beginning around January/February 2015), but again I’m open to alternatives.

Finally, if you’re willing and a member of ARLIS/NA might you be able to do me a big favour and re-post this on their email list? I would like to canvas opinion from a wide pool of art librarians if possible. Many thanks!


Early Thierry Mugler press clippings and reviews

Hello all,

I have a research fellow at the college where I work who is looking for Thierry Mugler Menswear press clippings and catwalk reviews, from his early period (1979-1994) (in French or German is also ok apparently). She has looked through various books in our library and done some basic searches through a selection of print periodicals but I think she’s hoping there’s an easier way to do this- through online searching.

I suggested using Nexis as they have a good amount within this subject area, but she wants images too and all Nexis can offer is text. Normally I would suggest using Firstview for collection images but as they only have from the mid 90s onwards it’s not helpful in this case. I also suggested Design and Applied Arts Index but it had a suprising lack of results (I’m not sure if this is down to their indexing methods or a genuine lack of material in this area).

I’ve given her suggestions of some online periodicals that we have access to, but I think the best info for her will probably be in the print journals that we don’t have online. With this in mind does anyone have any suggestions for titles that might be more useful for this area? I’m suggesting Fashion Weekly, DR: The fashion business, Vogue Hommes International off the top of my head but I’m sure there are more! I have a feeling it will come down to her having to manually go through each volume of various journals on our shelves but it would be great if I could give her a little more direction.

Many thanks for any suggestions!